Wildwood Sundays

An Expression of Wild Church 

Wild Church is a growing movement of people who are exploring new expressions of gathering and connecting with the Divine outdoors.  Wildwood Sundays include nature walks, storytelling, prayer, quiet reflection, creative expressions and light refreshments.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Recent Articles

A journey to share my wild love for the world

Ahead of me is a month of travel for the calling I’ve been been working so hard to manifest in the world. Now the seeds I’ve planted are blooming in spectacular color and I get to share my wild love for the world with a lot of curious and creative folx.

Embracing the Sacred Earth: A Guide to Observing the Liturgical Season of Creation

Explore the profound significance of the Liturgical Season of Creation and discover how it can rekindle your connection to the natural world and the divine presence within it.. Understand the season’s themes and learn how to bring its essence to your faith community, fostering spiritual awakening, ecological renewal, and a deepened appreciation for the sacredness of our natural world.

Our Sacred Nature Retreat

At the end of the 1960s, a willful child was born into a Southern Baptist family. This child was raised on vacation bible school, Wednesday night suppers and twice-on-Sundays back-pew sitting. This girl child would grow up to get married to a nice man like she was...

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