What happens when we close the laptops,
put down the mobile devices,
saunter out and start listening to the trees?


All bodies are sacred

A generative critique of capitalism is an essential strand in my forthcoming book Wildwood Wisdom (due out next year with Wildhouse Publications). The root of my longing to write this book is my personal experience of slowly disentangling myself from institutional...

Green Friday instead of Black Friday

This year, I’m inviting y’all to observe a Green Friday instead of Black Friday with 12 ideas for flora and fauna fun.

World Communion, St. Francis and Laudato Si’

Sunday, Oct. 2nd this year was World Communion Sunday. Today, Oct. 4th is the day marked by Catholics, some Protestants and even a few post-religious folx as St. Francis day, or the feast of Saint Francis. St. Francis of Assisi is known for his love of nature, a life...

Fall Equinox – turn, turn, turn

I was shuffling around the garden shed looking for my crate of dormant tulip bulbs when images of my childhood surfaced in the cool darkness of the Dutch dawn.  I remembered tumbling into the kitchen, grubby from school, grabbing a floppy slice of bologna to run back...

Welcome to the pack, Butterbean

Some of y’all know that we lost our dear Louie this summer to cancer. Beautiful people, it is my honor to introduce Butterbean, the newest member of our family who arrived this weekend. No paws will ever fill the Louie-sized hole in our hearts, but we are deeply...

A wildwood book deal!

Friends and kinfolx, I am excited to finally share that I’ve signed a book deal with WildhousePublications, a vibrant new imprint that aligns with my verdant vision and values. Good grief, y’all, for over 50 years I’ve been on a crooked and branching path from...

Sit Spot – be still and know

“The first good thing is the goodness of nature." - Julian of Norwich How many seconds has it been since you checked your phone? How long is your to-do list? How are culture wars treating you? Maybe it's time for a sit spot.Taking time to regularly rest and reset in a...

Back to School and Back to Nature

Healthy teachers are the foundation for healthy classrooms. How can a walk in the woods increase faculty and staff well-being and resilience within an educational setting? How can forest and nature therapy help mitigate the stressful demands of the classroom?

Picking Blackberries & Taking Selfies

The day before we hitched Sugar Magnolia to the station wagon I logged out of Facebook and deleted it from my phone, but not before sharing one of those inane "taking a break from social media" social media posts. With an intention to only share one image a day on...

A Guide’s Harvest

I began my journey as a nature therapy guide long before I found the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy guides, but have found my people and myself through the hospitality, process and connections in this wise and gentle community. My reasons for searching and...

Research confirms that sustained, intentional contact
with nature benefits humans through:

Improved sense of wellbeing

Lower instances of stress-related illness

Improved memory and cognitive flexibility

Expansion of creativity and problem-solving


Go outside



Pay attention



Trust yourself





Work with Kimberly

Nature & Forest Therapy

Ecotheraputic encounters and coaching with individuals and couples.


Walkshops & Retreats

Nature immersions for schools, businesses, conferences and congregations.

Tending Digital Acres

Websites, social media and online community for heart-centered wellpreneurs and makers.

What is forest bathing?

Forest bathing, or nature therapy, is a practice of intentionally creating thin places where people can slow down, reconnect with their senses and re-awaken to the sacred that permeates all of creation.

In nature therapy, the forest is the therapist and the guide opens the doors. People are gently guided through a clearly defined sequence of invitations to slow down, allow the senses to open, and experience the environment to deepen a reciprocal relationship between participants and the forest. This supports the wholeness and well-being of both.


We are all connected,
human and more-than-human,
in an infinite loop of reciprocity.
When the natural world thrives,
we all thrive.

About Kimberly

The golden thread running through my life’s journey is a persistent calling to find, as Frederick Buechner describes, the place where my deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger. I hope that this offering will be one in which we can flourish and discern together how best to live into that fiercely tender calling.

Time to Just Be

“Kimberly is obviously passionate about sharing her love of nature and the benefits of taking time to just “be.” She is able to make you think and be present in the moment. If you have the time to take part in one of her activities, I would recommend it.” –  NR

A repeatable experience

“Kimberly is a hospitable, holistic host who gently sets an ambiance with a welcoming inclusive tone of the anticipated journey… weaving a thread of kindness, reflectiveness and restfulness. A repeatable experience but more importantly enrichment for future walks of my own.” – SO

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

― Mary Oliver

You might not know you need it...

“Try it! You might now know you needed it until you leave lighter and refreshed.” – HR

A peaceful, calm break...

“A peaceful, calm break from the business of everyday life! Kimberly provides a perfect 🙂 connection with nature to encourage the ‘stop’ from life!” – BL

May all that is unforgiven in you be released. May your fears yield their deepest tranquilities. May all that is unlived in you blossom into a future graced with love.

– John O’Donohue

“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer



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