Digital Services for Heart-Centered Wellpreneurs

Website Design

An attractive, easy to navigate website is essential for connecting with and cultivating a community of clients.

From brainstorming to launch, I will work closely with you to create a website that reflects your vision and work through a vibrant online presence.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful way to nurture community if we engage with authenticity, compassion and creativity.

We will work together to create a social media strategy, profiles and content to help you reach and stay connected with your community.

Online Community

One of the gifts of the last few, challening years, is a rethinking of what gathering as a team, club, class or community can look like.

However you imagine connecting online, I can help you learn how to bring authentic and meaningful therapeutic  experiences to people near and far.

Gentle Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be smarmy or agressive. I can help you tell the story of your good work in the world in authentic and engaging ways.

I am a praticitioner of gentle marketing, honoring your work, your clients and the process of nourishing into flourishing.

How can I help?

Perhaps you need a new logo – I can help.

Are you ready for a new or refreshed website – I’d love to work on that with you.

Maybe you need help finding the right words to tell others about your work in the world – we can find them together.

Do you need a bit of support running your online meeting while you care for the people gathered – I am here to help.

We will work together through a partnering process based on the way of the guide to help you discern the right platforms, sharing strategies and creative ideas for creating your very own thriving acre on the digital landscape.

Recent Clients