Practicing the Promise Workshops

Creative, contemplative practices can be a key for unlocking a deep sense of wellbeing. Kimberly has developed Practicing the Promise for anyone looking to connect more deeply with their own sense of sacred worth.

Unique activities I can bring to your next event include:

Leading imaginative meditation
Guiding sacred labyrinth walks
Facilitating contemplative crafting
Coaching creative journaling
Leading mindfulness based nature encounters
Exploring Active Hope and the Work that Reconnects

I am available to bring the hands-on, immersive Practicing the Promise to your next conference, retreat or workshop. Please reach out if you would like to discuss how to make this happen.

Nature (re)Connection Experiences

Did you know that regular, intentional immersion in forested settings has been proven to:

Decrease fatigue
Increase the ability to focus
Improve physical and mental health *1
Reduce production of stress hormone cortisol *2
Positively impact environmental attitudes and behaviors *3 

As a certified outdoor life coach, I am available to share nature-centered, therapeutic encounters at your meeting, vacation bible school or church retreat. Please drop me a line if you would like to explore options for brining Nature (re)Connection Experiences to your next event.

Safe Zone Training

What is Safe Zone Training?
Safe Zone is a two-hour, onsite or online training designed to educate and empower participants to be agents of change against issues faced by individuals across the gender, sexual, and romantic spectrums. This program works to inspire folks to craft their own strategy for being affirming and inclusive individuals.

The goals of the Safe Zone program are:

  • To educate participants on the meaning of various terms, identities, and concepts in relation to sex, gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity expression.
  • To help folks recognize their identities and how those identities are influenced by the spaces and environments we enter and exit daily.
  • To gain an understanding of power, privilege and oppression and how these concepts impact communities across the gender, romantic, and sexuality spectrums.
  • To spread awareness of the challenges that folks who identify with marginalized genders, sexualities, romantic identities have faced and/or are more likely to face.
  • To facilitate an opportunity for participants to figure out their part in creating change to alleviate some of those challenges.

I would love to facilitate safe zone training for your community. Please send me an email if you would like to discuss how to make this happen.

Equipping Individuals

Religion, however misunderstood and misused, is most often the tenacious root of resistance, rejection and abuse of LGBTQ+ people. Without access to the work being done by progressive religious academics and theologians, the LGBTQ+ advocacy toolkit is incomplete.

I am here to help more folks doing the good, secular work of helping and advocating for LGBTQ+ people will also equip themselves with the research and tools to help individuals who experiencing religion as the primary hindrance to flourishing in life.

If you are a counselor, educator, social worker, nurse, doctor or any other secular helping professional currently advocating for or serving LGBTQ+ folks, and if you would like to learn about progressive religious resources to help you help others, please reach out, I’d love to help.

Please drop me an email if you would like to learn more.

A little more about me

I earned my M.Div. from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. My studies focused on progressive and liberation theologies. I am blessed to have engaged deep study in pastoral counseling, contemplative practices, constructivist pedagogy and a myriad of soulful shenanigans. 

For a season I maintained a blog at where I explored the experience of Coming Out Christian and subsequently had the honor of speaking and leading workshops at Wild Goose on multiple occasions.

Since 2008, I have led hundreds of hours of online worship in Second Life, via and Zoom and on Facebook. I currently serve a small, expat fellowship called Sojourners’ Fellowship in The Netherlands in addition to working in administration at The American School of The Hague.

I am currently living in The Netherlands where I moved with my wife five years ago. Previously I’ve worked as…

  • the director of digital strategy at Agnes Scott College,
  • minister of digital community with Extravagance UCC,
  • an online teacher and organizer for the Center for Progressive Renewal and The Beatitudes Society,
  • chaplain at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta,
  • instructional technology specialist for the Neighborhood Charter School,
  • stage manager for over a dozen productions,
  • educational tour guide at Zoo Atlanta,
  • and aerial photographer!

I am also:

a Veriditas trained labyrinth guide;
certified as an outdoor life coach;
and an ANFT nature therapy guide in training.

The golden thread running through my life’s journey is a persistent calling to find, as Frederick Buechner describes, the place where my deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger. I hope that this project will be one in which we can flourish and discern together how best to live into that fiercely tender calling.

1. Dr. Qing Li, Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness (April 2018)
2. Kyoung Sang Cho et al., “Terpenes from Forests and Human Health,” Toxicology Research, (April 2017)
3. Claudio D. Rosa & Silvia Collado, “Experiences in Nature and Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors: Setting the Ground for Future Research,” Frontiers in Psychology (April 2019)