Coming Out Christian

Welcome to my blog. I am in the process of rebuilding five years of work that I contributed to another blogging platform with which I no longer wish to be associated. Stay tuned as I curate the best, some of the dregs and figure out if I still have anything left to say.

All Our Hungers

I have so many things for which to be thankful in my life. I have a beautiful, bright daughter who amazes me with her grace and creativity, a compassionate, passionate partner who truly loves me for who I am and knows how to challenge me to move closer to my ideal self, a wonderful job […]


Hospitality for the Least of These: Worship Outline

Progressive Christian Community of Leiden Outline of Worship for July 1, 2018   Empathy has no script. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. It’s simply listening, holding space, withholding judgement, emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of ‘You’re not alone”. – Brene Brown   Gathering Music – Be […]


Evangelicalism and Trumpism vs. the Gospel of Jesus

For some time now, moderate and progressive Christians have been wondering aloud how evangelical Christians came to support Donald Trump in all his obvious clash with Christian values – xenophobic, materialistic, fear-mongering bloviating. What’s the question again caller? It recently occurred to me that NO greater clue exists for this apparent disconnect than a linchpin […]


The False Narrative of Gay vs. Christian

Here we all are again, at the beginning of Pride month and just days after the Supreme Court of the United States weighs in on one person’s “religious liberty” vs. another person’s pursuit of happiness. Millions (hopefully just thousands) of Americans are rejoicing for what some see as a protection of religious freedom and others, […]


Love is Greater than Fear

All the energy and time spent by some “conservative Christians” focusing on “homosexual practice” is antithetical to the life, death and resurrection of the One we call Christ. There are many things Jesus asks of us as Kingdom builders, but sexual policing is not one.  I sincerely hope everyone who is called to the life of […]


13 Ideas For Practicing the Presence of God

All year round, many of us Jesusy types look for ways to be intentional about practicing the presence of God.  There are a myriad of books, booklets, websites, podcasts and small groups dedicated to spiritual practices meant to give our wandering minds a compass pointing us toward the Divine. Today I’d like to lift up a […]


Privilege and purpose in pursuit of a more perfect world

So, rumor has it that Matt Damon is moving to Australia to escape the dangerous insanity that is the United States, and as will happen, some folks on the interwebs are not so gently pointing out that this is the face of white privilege. From the perspective of one who freaked out and fled, I […]


18 Hours of Worship with 8 Million People

About five years ago, in the final moments of Ash Wednesday, I found myself propped up against a dingy Greenwich Village bar room wall when I realized I had just experienced a perfect 18-hour liturgy. Preparation It actually all began, as days like this often do, the night before at a bar on Fat Tuesday. […]


My 10-Point Homosexual Agenda

1. To put nothing before The One who is Love. 2. To not worship Mammon, The Constitution, The Bible, culture or technology (sorry Facebook). 3. To only speak God’s name when I am either talking to or about God. Ecstasy counts since it could be argued I am expressing gratitude. 4. To take at least […]