VrijSpirit organizes, co-creates and hosts a variety of gathering opportunities for consciously curious people living in and around South Holland. With a focus on holistic, integrated lives, we share our space with others seeking to bring soul-nourishing projects to life. 

We, Kimberly and Sabine, are the cofounders of VrijSpirit. We are internationally connected facilitators with diverse callings and deep commitments to paradigm-shifting work. We see the world, the people, animals and all of nature as part of one interconnected system and not just as isolated components or concepts. VrijSpirt aims to participate, in our small, creative ways in the mutual liberation of all.

Themes of projects we have fostered include:

Nonviolent Communication Courses Sober Curious Mocktail Mixer
Veluwe Weekend Retreat Bob Ross Painting Party
Labyrinth Walking Progressive Dinners
Mindfulness In Motion Terrarium Building
Handmade Journal Making Forest Bathing
LGBTQ+ Expat Meetups Sewing Circles
Book Discussions Feminist Spirituality

We hope this project is helpful to the world, and maybe even you, in its little way.

If you’d like to co-create an event or workshop drop us a line. Projects we are interested in helping come to life include: dinners, discussion groups, books studies, workshops, spiritual gatherings, selling and sharing of locally produced products, arts and crafts, story telling, yoga, women’s groups, men’s groups, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary groups, gardening, social justice endeavours, wellness projects, sobriety support groups, expats meet locals, young meets old, spiritual meets science, game nights and much more. 

Come and talk to us about your ideas!

Kimberly Knight Laskowski

I am currently living in The Netherlands where I moved with my wife nearly four years ago. Previously I worked as… a director of digital community in higher education, minister of digital community with Extravagance UCC, and an online teacher and organiser for non-profit organizations such as the Center for Progressive Renewal and The Beatitudes Society. Prior to seminary I served the Neighborhood Charter School in Atlanta as the instructional technology specialist and I’ve even spent portions of my professional trajectory in stage management, aerial photography and guiding educational tours at Zoo Atlanta!
I earned my M.Div. from Emory University with a focus on progressive, online ministry and am informed by liberation theologies. I am blessed to have engaged deep study in pastoral counselling, contemplative practices, constructivist pedagogy and a myriad of soulful shenanigans. For a season I maintained a blog at Patheos.com where I explored the experience of Coming Out Christian and subsequently had the honor of speaking and leading workshops at Wild Goose on multiple occasions. Since 2008, I have led hundreds of hours of online worship in Second Life, via Livestream.com and Zoom and on Facebook. I currently serve a small, expat fellowship called Sojourners’ Fellowship in The Netherlands in addition to working in administration at The American School of The Hague.
I’m a fan of labyrinth walking, guided meditation, forest bathing, cairn building, bluegrass music, Mary Oliver, John O’Donohue and kickball!  My daughter, an indigo child if ever there was one, is the light of my life and just completed her degrees in French and horticulture at the University of Georgia.
The golden thread running through my life’s journey is a persistent calling to find, as Frederick Buechner describes, the place where my deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger. I hope that this project will be one in which we can flourish and discern together how best to live into that fiercely tender calling.

Sabine Morf

I have always been searching for the deeper layers in life. 

Growing up in efficient and organized Switzerland, following the path I was supposed to and obtaining a Swiss Federal Diploma in Business Administration left me deeply unhappy and guilty about my unhappiness. Didn’t I have everything anyone could wish for? Conflicted and lost, I struggled for years, very hidden and at the same time highly functional and ‘successful’ in the outer world. 

Things started to turn when I set out in my early twenties to see the world for myself. I discovered my love for the ocean and became a scuba dive instructor, which allowed me to travel through South East Asia for an extended period of time. I still remember my many adventures vividly, from living on a remote island in the Philippines, to steering a sailing boat under the full moon on it’s way from Singapore up the coast of Malaysia to Thailand, to diving in uncharted territory to evaluate if a diving school could be set up in a particular place and many many more. Further on my journey brought me to India, which opened another completely new world to me. I found a spirituality that I didn’t know I was thirsting for so desperately. I traveled up and down the country, which left me full of gratitude and appreciation for the richness and fragility of our lives. 

My path has taken many more turns since, and along the way I worked in a Kibbutz in Israel, at an airport in Switzerland, raised a son and moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago with my then-husband. Since then, I have been working in an international school and I very much appreciate the global outlook this gives me. It’s almost as if the world is visiting me during my everyday-life, while I have the luxury to stay in one place. 

 In the past years I studied extensively the works of Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication and completed a mediator’s training based on his principles. I was struck by the different approach to conflict I experienced in these courses to what I was used to. It was very liberating for me to move away from thinking about who is right and who is wrong in conflict. Instead, the focus becomes finding the needs behind the parts that get so triggered and hurt. This approach gave me a whole new blueprint on how we can live together with more connection and understanding and it has helped me develop an inner compass that I am trusting more and more. I’m clearer about my own values and am eager to explore with others new ways of holding community. 

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